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What does an intercooler do in a car?

Administrator posted this 2 weeks ago

We have been writing about turbocharged engine before, and as we mentioned that kind of engines usually use on powerful cars, that’s why one of its consequences is that it can be easily overheated. There are several tools which can cool off the engine to the optimal temperature, and intercooler is one of them.

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Turbocharged engine vs naturally aspirated engine

Administrator posted this 20 November 2018

If you are interested in, what is better - turbocharged engine or naturally aspirated engine? The answer would be - both are good, which to choose depends on your purpose. To see it clear you need to understand the main differences between these types of the engines, which is presenting in the table below. 

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Knocks and noise in the engine – is it the reason to worry?

Administrator posted this 11 September 2018

Before to start, someone could tell you that, if you hear a knock, do not worry much, maybe your car has such an engine design. But, it sounds ridiculous, remember – knocking in the engine isn’t normal. However, if you hear a knock, you need to understand where it comes from and get rid of it. Probably, this article will be most useful for newly-qualified drivers.

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How an Engine Control Unit Affects the Car Performance? Check ECU with InCarDoc!

Administrator posted this 29 May 2018

Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is embedded system that controls one or more of the electrical system or subsystems in a transport vehicle. ECU is a part of an engine management system allows car-owners to control vehicle internal processes.

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