You Have Major Problems, In Case Of Motor Oil Leakage.

Administrator posted this 25 July 2019

Sometimes drivers come across a problem of the motor oil presence in the air filter, by the fact it can lead to serious consequences. But what are they and which reasons lead to them?

Adjacent, to find the area of leakages can be a complicated task, you need to do it properly and be attentive during the engine examination. First of all, clear the car’s motor from dust and soot, thus you might see the grease spot on the surface. Be sure, that you washed up all hoses, brackets, engine tray, and wash the bottom of the machine and its suspension. Before to start to cool down the engine and isolate all eclectic elements and connectors.   

The most common reason for this trouble - is a violation of the tightness of the lubrication system due to aging, deformation, drying seals.

Check attentively the next units:

  • Timing cover (valve train) 
  • Front and back crankshaft seals
  • Oil pan gasket and valve gasket

An equally important reason to carry out vehicle inspection is motor oil in the filter. Such line of work can lead to: impaired ventilation of the crankcase, the wear and tear of engine components, reduced the productivity of the car.

Also, pay additional attention to the potential source of engine oil leaking:

  • Worn of piston rings
  • Clogged oil passages
  • Clogged Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) Valve

Nonetheless, the quality of the components can be alright. Quite often, leaks occur due to the "liquefaction" of the engine oil itself – during operation, it loses its viscosity. You can replace motor oil which you use to another, or/and bring into the additive compound. Moreover, they recover seals and gaskets.

You can conclude that if you ignore this kind of problem you risk to go for serious troubles with the car. Do not forget that our application inCarDoc, will help you to maintain the car in excellent condition at no extra cost.