Letters & Digitals Mercedes-Benz or is the classification so complicated?

Administrator posted this 14 May 2019

Mercedes-Benz corporation was established in 1926 (when Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft and Benz & Cie. merged). Along with the development of the automotive industry, there was a need for the classification of models of vehicles and their motors. Each company tried to stand out by introducing new production technologies and producing more unique products. As a result, labeling appeared in order to help categorize all produced cars by the corporation or even brand. Labeling was used by Mercedes since 30th, so until today there are: 

  • Car marking before 1982
  • Car marking 1982 - 1993
  • Car marking since 1993
  • Car marking since 2015
  • The engine’s marking

At the moment, the classification is relevant since 1993 (partially) and since 2015 (minor changes have been made). In 1993 and emerged classification models cars.

Passenger and off-road cars classification:

Sports cars classification:

  • E-Class - Executive class
  • C-Class – Comfortable class
  • A-Class – Hatchback Golf
  • B-Class – Compact MPV
  • R-Class – MiniVan (was phased out in 2013 )
  • G-Class – G-Wagen (powerful SUV)
  • M-Class - a mid-size crossover
  • GLS-Class – a vehicle’s increased in the maneuverability (off-road and over water)
  • GLC-Class – the same GL-class but it is also compact
  • CLS — заниженный E-Class
  • CLA — sedan combined with A-class
  • S-Class Coupe – Sportcar
  • SL-Class – super light and bigger roadster than SLC
  • SLC-Class – sportcar based on C-Class
  • SLR – sports car developed with McLaren (2003-2010)
  • AMG GT – new generation of supercars
  • CLS – Coupe Lifgt Sport 

If the model range is clear, so what about the engine? We won't excessively concerned by this issue. Indexes marked on the engine indicate its specifications.

CDI is Controlled Direct Injection for Diesel Engines. This type of engines is used science 1997 till today.

CGI is Charged Gasoline Injection. Was implemented to the cars of the brand and realized in 2010. The main advantages of this engine are lower fuel consumption and the possibility to increase the torque.