The new inCarDoc update, and what privileges it assumes

Administrator posted this 2 days ago

Nowadays, a modern car is equipped with on-board electronics that monitors the condition and dynamics of the processes of the machine. Motorists are increasingly beginning to use universal adapters and applications for car diagnostics in order to remain confident in it. inCarDoc is one of those applications that has gained its trust in the application market several years ago. Until now, the software product is being effectively developed and is regularly subjected to thorough checks and updates. Recently, the developers of the on-board diagnostics application inCarDoc have made a few updates, the advantages, and possibilities of which we will discuss below.

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Prospects for the development of electric vehicles

Administrator posted this 25 August 2022

The development trend of electric vehicles continues to grow. It is driven by the desire to reduce emissions from the combustion of fuel into the atmosphere. European Union legislation restricts the use of fuel cars. As a result, manufacturers do not want to lose market share to offer electric cars and hybrids.

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The speed and the drive. Fast cars make your blood run cold.

Administrator posted this 16 August 2022

That’s right, fast, howling cars are fascinating. The first car race was announced in 1893 when the goal was to make cars faster and easier. Modern racing cars are designed for fast riders and for sports, they impress with their characteristics.

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Take a deep look under the hood

Administrator posted this 04 August 2022

Buying a car obliges the owner to understand a little about its maintenance, but not about the repair. Of course, experience accumulates over the years. While drivers understand certain technical principles of running the car, it allows them to contact the gas station in time and not go bankrupt there. Therefore, by exchanging experiences, drivers help each other. Forms, and websites dedicated to automotive topics, including, help car owners in this matter.

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Soon on Roads

Administrator posted this 02 August 2022

Every year the car market replenishes several new cars. Automotive companies are introducing new development technologies to satisfy their customers. Safety, reliability, and modernity are the key factors when choosing a car. We will provide several vehicles entering the market in 2023

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Is it important to clean electrical contacts

Administrator posted this 29 July 2022

Approximately 1/5 or 1/6 of all repairs to the electric part of the car are somehow related to the oxidation processes. Oxidation of contacts is one of the main problems of electrical equipment. Therefore, it is so important to monitor the electrical conductors.

The maintenance of electrical wiring is as important a part of car maintenance as, for example, oil level control. An oxidized contact or a short circuit of the dried wiring can lead to a failure of the car's electrical equipment and cause a fire. Nowadays, car wiring requires regular maintenance. The more electronic devices are in the car, the more carefully you need to treat this item.

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Top Acura Division Cars

Administrator posted this 26 July 2022

Acura Division is the North American division of the Japanese concern Honda. The main difference between Acura cars and similar Honda models is their sporty appearance and a higher level of serial configuration. 

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Volvo is a safe car. Top Volvo cars

Administrator posted this 23 June 2022

The automotive industry is improving daily, creating new opportunities. In today's car market, you can always find a good offer. It's difficult to choose a brand that will meet all needs 100%. Let's talk about Volvo in this article. It is a Swedish brand with traditions dating back to the early 20th century. 

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What Does Your Check Engine Light Mean?

Administrator posted this 21 June 2022

Every driver has at least once encountered a situation when a lamp began to burn, indicating an engine malfunction. This lamp lights up only for a couple of minutes at the time of the start of the car, after which it goes into inactive mode. Today, modern cars have in their arsenal a lot of additional sensors that are placed on the dashboard and help the motorist to monitor the serviceability of his vehicle. The indicator of stable and serviceable operation of the engine is the Check engine malfunction light. 

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Car maintenance and its advantages

Administrator posted this 07 June 2022

Vehicle maintenance is a whole range of preventive measures. They are aimed at preventing car breakdowns. Car maintenance is an important event that helps prolong the car's operation, protect it from accidents, and use fuel and technical fluids sparingly. Mechanisms will work in the proper mode, provide high safety to the driver, and at the same time, the car will behave perfectly on the road. 

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