Areas of Car Tuning

Administrator posted this 04 April 2019

Every year, a large number of Motor Shows is held, manufacturers present their new cars there, and some of them can greatly surprise the ordinary people, and even an experienced motorist. Technical characteristics, comfort, safety and appearance of modern cars are fascinating. However, unique cars are expensive. 

That is why, there is a car tuning, which allows you to upgrade old cars of the middle class, in a fairly powerful and bright supercar. Although, the owners do not always want to change the specifications of their car, so they redesign (styling) exterior of the automobile. 

Modification areas

  • Engine tuning
    •    Chip-tuning
    •    Performance tuning
  • Suspension tuning
  • Transmission tuning
  • Brake system tuning
  • Car interior tuning
  • Audio system tuning
  • Body Tuning
  • Styling   


The main purpose of motorists in tuning the engine is to increase its power, efficiency, and productivity. About the modification of the internal combustion engine or engine control unit (ECU) - here. 

Engine tuning requires special expertise, especially when the changes relate to car electronics. Sometimes, under the hood tuning, changed the look of the car.  For example, the engine is outputted, the car is equipped with a snorkel, slots are in the hood for better cooling of the motor. 

Snorkel is the intake pipe of the engine, which is output from under the hood to the roof level of the car and above. It is necessary to install it on SUVs, pick-up cars designed for off-road driving. The snorkel protects the engine from water and dust, and therefore reduces the risk of damage. 


Suspension tuning allows you to change the center of gravity of the car improving the dynamics of weight displacement, it has a positive effect on the characteristics of traction. Due to the modification of the suspension, it is possible to provide a car with higher depreciation and reduce the pressure on the ground, especially for tuning the off-road car. 

Popular reconstruction of the suspension goes from Lowriders, in which the regulation of the height of the wheels can be carried out independently for each. 


This type of tuning is for fans of fast driving, and for those who want to give your car the characteristics of a sports car. First of all, the changes will affect the gearbox. Of course, the main goal is to transfer optimum torque from the engine to each wheel in optimally and smoothly way. 

However, it is necessary to understand that if your car is an ordinary serial representative, the desire to turn it into a racing supercar will be costly, and more importantly – dangerous 

Brake system

Tuning of this technical unit of your car is a part of all previous ones. It consists of the installation of more durable and sturdy brake pads, plates, calipers, etc. 

Car interior

This type of tuning is rather aesthetic, and may not affect the technical components of the car.  In this situation, the tuning of the cabin can come for different reasons: updating the old and worn-out cabin, comfort for the driver (changing the steering wheel, landing, the implementation of additional elements and functions or just the desire to stand out). Here the choice is diverse, and more information here. 

Audio system

It's simple. The goal is - more bright and powerful sound. However, this type of tuning isn’t permitted in any country. 

Car Body

Car Body Tuning can be introduced by the establishing of the spoilers or changing the body design, which affects the aerodynamics and the weight of the car, and ultimately allows you to achieve faster and more effortless acceleration. The changes in the slope and width of the wheels, the installation of more durable and bright disks – are car body tuning. An integral part of the tuning of the body is the modification of car suspension. 


This change includes modification of the appearance and interior of the car, without affecting its performance. If the tuning of the body is able to change the aerodynamic and weight characteristics of the car, the styling just allows you to stand out.