Increasing the engine power

Administrator posted this 07 March 2019

Fans of fast driving, auto tuning, drifting and motor sports know how to improve a car while maximizing its technical characteristics. In this article we will focus on increasing the engine power.

Modern cars of mass use one way or another must comply with environmental requirements. Because of this, the engine never reaches its maximum performance, especially when it's not about super or hypercars.

You have to understand that making any drastic changes don't work to please fuel consumption or reliability. With the technical tuning of the car, you may have to sacrifice certain characteristics. In order to understand all the risks, consider the main ways of entrainment of engine power.


We have already mentioned the difference between a turbocharged engine and an atmospheric one. Consequently, the atmospheric turbirovan engine is one of the ways to increase capacity.


Power grows 2 times

Tuning and firmware of the electronic control unit

Turbine switchable


Cost and professionalism. To install the turbine and the more flashing ECU need to find a highly qualified specialist

In proportion to the power increases and fuel consumption

In parallel, many parts of the brake system and ignition system need to be replaced

The decrease of wear resistance, reducing the service life of the engine


Increase the volume of the engine can be by means of modification of the piston-cylinder group. The cylinders are machined to extend the working volume. Consequently, this leads to the replacement of the piston group and connecting rods on lightweight options. The price factor lies here, since this modification requires the installation of spare parts similar to spare parts of sports cars.


Power increase by 10%

Increase engine endurance and wear resistance

Ensuring uniform operation of the engine


Fuel consumption growth

Cost and labor

The reduction in total engine

Sometimes changes in the ECU system are required


On the removal of the catalyst, the advantages and disadvantages of this operation, we wrote earlier in our blog. In General, this is not the best and less effective way to increase power performance. Changes in the intake system involves removing the catalyst and installing an exhaust pipe of increased diameter, and changing the design of the system with a winding line.


Maximum power can be increased up to 7%

The ability to return everything to the original version
Low cost and small amount of work


Increased air pollution (+difficulties with inspection)




In addition to the installation of a sample air filter for sports cars (zero resistance), it is necessary to make a number of changes. In addition, the diameter of the intake manifold pipes is increased (to facilitate the release of reverse gases) and an intercooler is installed.


Easy to install (it is possible to carry out independently)

Do not require frequent replacement (but frequent cleaning)


Power increase of only up to 3% maximum

Clogging of the engine in a short time

The cost of filters of a sports sample-high


New firmware SKIRT, allowing to squeeze from the engine to the maximum.


Power increase by 10-30%

Improvement of the dynamics of the stroke

No mechanical changes required


IMPORTANT! Professionalism and qualification of the master who will make program changes
The vehicle must be refueled with a high octane number

There is a risk of reducing engine resources


The use of high octane fuel reduces the risk of detonation in the engine and therefore improves fuel combustion.


The method does not require additional work

Lightweight engine operation and comfortable ride


You will not feel the power increase

You may need to configure the ECUNITROUS OXIDE

The way that many have met through the film fast and furious Really, this method is very popular among street racers. The car is equipped with compressed gas cylinders N2O, which is injected into the intake manifold of the engine.


Engine efficiency, power increase several times

Ability to connect by button

Minimal impact on the resources of the motor



Power is periodic (depending on the volume of cylinders)

Danger (if you buy cheap cylinders with nitrous oxide)

Enhanced brake and steering

The driver's experience, driving technique and his high professionalism play a big role
At the units received changes, the resource is significantly reduced. Therefore, frequent diagnostics and installation of expensive parts will be required. You can check your car with the inCarDoc application, which will allow you to regulate fuel consumption and control the operation of the engine.