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junkcatcher posted this 04 November 2015

I having tried many of the available OBD II apps I only keep two installed, the widgets in your app have by far the best graphing of any similar app  on the market but the graphs from the logbook entries are not very useful in their current format.

I use graphing a lot for doing test especially checking the reserve oxygen storage test on catalysts and also when doing cranking voltage test. It would be good if you could add a freeze button on widgets or even better a screenshot capture.

It would also be good if the scales of the graphs in widgets could be pre-set,  for example B1S1  and B1S2 to 0 to 1v 


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Viral Zone posted this 4 weeks ago

When setting up your simple chart widget, at minimum, you will need to define a metric. If you decide to use a metric other than count (which does not require additional specifications), you will be required to specify a field for the metric.