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junkcatcher posted this 04 November 2015

I having tried many of the available OBD II apps I only keep two installed, the widgets in your app have by far the best graphing of any similar app  on the market but the graphs from the logbook entries are not very useful in their current format.

I use graphing a lot for doing test especially checking the reserve oxygen storage test on catalysts and also when doing cranking voltage test. It would be good if you could add a freeze button on widgets or even better a screenshot capture.

It would also be good if the scales of the graphs in widgets could be pre-set,  for example B1S1  and B1S2 to 0 to 1v 


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Viral Zone posted this 22 April 2022

When setting up your simple chart widget, at minimum, you will need to define a metric. If you decide to use a metric other than count (which does not require additional specifications), you will be required to specify a field for the metric. 

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john mash posted this 01 July 2022

Since 1996, cars sold in the U.S. have been required to provide a connection for mechanics and inspectors to measure what's going on electronically under the hood. The system, called On-Board Diagnostics generation two (OBD-II), uses a 16-pin connector mounted somewhere near the instrument panel to gather information. If it detects faults, it transmits them in four-digit codes in four categories: P for powertrain, U for computer, C for chassis, and B for body.

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john mash posted this 15 December 2022

A smart vehicle is able to optimize its performance to reduce fuel consumption, show the best path to follow taking into account current traffic and weather conditions, detect errors in the engine, and collect information data to negotiate lower insurance rates.

Most cars and light trucks are equipped with onboard diagnostics or an OBD II port that provides access to data from the engine control unit (ECU). To get the information you need to plug in an external device.

The OBD-II specifications provide a standardized hardware interface - a female 16-pin (2x8) J1962 connector, so a single external device can be used for most car models. It should also have an Internet connection to transfer the collected data. To handle all information collected from the OBD2 device you still need an on-board diagnostics app for the car.




john mash posted this 15 December 2022

There have also been several cases where drivers and car enthusiasts purchase OBD2 apps only to realize that they have been played and thus they don’t get full value for their money. We don’t want that to happen to you.

So, we will now review 17 top OBD2 apps in this article, and any of them would be an excellent fit for your car. 

john mash posted this 5 weeks ago

Obdeleven is the leader in the OBD2 software market for Android. Its responsiveness, functionality, and versatility lie at the core of the app’s popularity.


  • Obdeleven allows users to benefit from a range of features that can substitute an entire backend computer system.
  • You don’t need supplementary onboard diagnostics software as Obdeleven checks every trouble code of all control units in an automobile.
  • The application is supplied with a multi-lingual and user-friendly interface along with a car battery analyzer.