Warm-ups and DPF

  • Last Post 06 April 2024
JoseA posted this 03 April 2024


I have a diesel car and I would like to know if the parameter that the application shows as the number of warm-ups matches the number of regenerations that are carried out on the DPF

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inCarDoc posted this 05 April 2024

No, Warm-Up parameter does not related to DPF.

An "OBD driving cycle" consists of key-on, a driving mode where a malfunction would be detected if present, and key-off.
A "warm-up cycle" means sufficient vehicle operation such that the coolant temperature has risen by at least 22 K from engine starting and reaches a minimum temperature of 343 K (70 °C).

Other words that is engine start operation followed by more or less long running engine operation.

JoseA posted this 06 April 2024

Thanks for the clarification and quick response.

Is there any application parameter that I can consult to know how many DPF regenerations are performed?