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DTC explore

Administrator posted this 04 June 2024

Automotive technologies are actively developing every day, introducing more and more new solutions. One of the most powerful things drivers can have in their arsenal is the ability to understand what your car is trying to tell you. Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), our reliable guides in the world of automotive diagnostics, play a key role in this area.

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Enhancing vehicle insights about OBD2 technology | inCarDoc

Administrator posted this 05 September 2023

Dive into the world of OBD-II technology and diagnostics. Explore how On-Board Diagnostics systems provide invaluable insights into vehicle performance, emissions, and troubleshooting. Learn how this technology empowers efficient vehicle maintenance and enhances the overall driving experience.

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Benefits of on-board diagnostics apps - inCarDoc

Administrator posted this 07 June 2023

Applications for car diagnostics from year to year are increasingly in demand. Being a company with advanced experience, PNN Soft has introduced a mobile application for car diagnostics, which is still relevant. inCarDoc has become one of the best apps on the market, and has repeatedly been included in the top apps in the Google Play category. Throughout its operation, it has provided drivers with many tools for effectively diagnosing a car. Today, inCarDoc continues to evolve with cutting-edge applications.

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The new inCarDoc update, and what privileges it assumes

Administrator posted this 26 May 2023

Nowadays, a modern car is equipped with on-board electronics that monitors the condition and dynamics of the processes of the machine. Motorists are increasingly beginning to use universal adapters and applications for car diagnostics in order to remain confident in it. inCarDoc is one of those applications that has gained its trust in the application market several years ago. Until now, the software product is being effectively developed and is regularly subjected to thorough checks and updates. Recently, the developers of the on-board diagnostics application inCarDoc have made a few updates, the advantages, and possibilities of which we will discuss below.

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Problems with the engine, that can be detected by the OBD2 app

Administrator posted this 22 April 2022

The on-board diagnostic system of the car notifies the driver about the malfunction. This process occurs by generating the appropriate diagnostic trouble codes. As a rule, a warning lamp or other indicator on the dashboard informs the driver. The fault code is indicated by the acronym DTC.

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InCarDoc team have updated the application by 6.4.5 release

Administrator posted this 11 July 2018

We have made changes to comply fully with the requirements of the GDPR. We have fixed bugs, added French localization and improved application`s stability for both PRO and Free versions.

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The difference between UDS and OBD protocols

Administrator posted this 30 May 2018

One of the most common questions from car lovers - «What is the difference between UDS and OBD». Generally, UDS and OBD are both diagnostic protocol, but they are actually not comparable. While UDS protocol is used to diagnose a fault in an off-board condition, i.e. when the car is at the service center, OBD is essentially an onboard diagnostic service.

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How to update InCarDoc to Pro version on iOS devices

Administrator posted this 27 April 2018

Frequently asked a question on our InCarDoc portal - How to update InCarDoc to Pro version on iOS devices? Some functionality is available only in PRO version, so if you need to empower the application capacity - read this article. 

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