The new inCarDoc update, and what privileges it assumes

Administrator posted this 26 May 2023

Nowadays, a modern car is equipped with on-board electronics that monitors the condition and dynamics of the processes of the machine. Motorists are increasingly beginning to use universal adapters and applications for car diagnostics in order to remain confident in it. inCarDoc is one of those applications that has gained its trust in the application market several years ago. Until now, the software product is being effectively developed and is regularly subjected to thorough checks and updates. Recently, the developers of the on-board diagnostics application inCarDoc have made a few updates, the advantages, and possibilities of which we will discuss below.

Main Features of inCarDoc

inCarDoc is a mobile device application that is available for Android/iOS. It connects to the vehicle's on-board computer using OBD-II via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi. The developer has provided the best-of-its-kind capabilities and privileges for diagnosing the mechanism. The software product reads the speed, keeps records (refuelling, purchases, maintenance), and creates reminders.

inCarDoc is aimed at:

  • Recording and saving auto parameters in real time. The driver can view the parameters in the form of charts and graphs at any time.
  • The application can read and clear diagnostic trouble codes of the dashboard.
  • Evaluate fuel consumption using the Economizer parameter, and calculate its savings.
  • Creating a combination of configurable parameters.
  • Displaying car results while driving.
  • Support the system of created files to expand the list of supported cars or auto systems.
  • Reliable connection of the official web portal and the application.
  • The ability to receive timely notifications of vehicle errors.

All these features are available in the driver's personal account. In addition, users can previously familiarize themselves with the demo version by clicking the Test Drive link before creating a personal page. The test drive involves getting acquainted with all the privileges of the account, viewing examples of displaying car parameters, OBD records, routes, and maps.

The service provides new extended updates

PNN Soft developers always try to make new adjustments in the use of the software product. Reliability, safety, and efficiency are the key points in the work. Therefore, we have made several important improvements for your comfortable user interface. In the latest update, the functionality of the Dashboard page has been improved. After all, it allows you to make operational decisions based on data. Simplified navigation and tracking of the main functions of the application. Also, it was possible to turn on/off the background operation of the “Economizer” from the settings page.

The new update has improved features, namely:

  • sending user reviews and reports
  • expanded the number of supported devices

  • added the ability to delete an account through the website

  • general improvements and fixes

  • the search for the right team has become more accessible

  • the description of PID codes has been added to the “Blacklist” for the convenience of search and navigation

  • calculation of data for Imperial (miles, gallons in the USA) and Imperial 2 (miles, gallons in the UK)
  • calculations of mode 01 commands

To all that, experts have fixed the problems and improved the performance of the application. All these privileges will help the user to better understand the application and get full information about the car.