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Administrator posted this 05 September 2023

OBD-II Technology and Diagnostics dwell into your cars' computer issues

The Check Engine indicator that suddenly lights up on the dashboard can become an unpleasant moment when driving. However, there is a way to minimize the inconvenience of such an unwanted signal indicating a malfunction in one of the engine systems. Before rushing to the car service to solve the problem, you can independently diagnose the car. OBD2 in vehicles, or on-board diagnostics of the second generation, is an important part of modern cars and plays a key role in ensuring reliability and safety. This is the most popular and safe way to self-diagnose a car.

What you need to know about OBD-II

What is OBD2? The OBD-2 adapter is a compact scanner for self–diagnosis of the car. The device itself does not take up much space and is miniature in appearance. Its principle of operation is that it is inserted into the diagnostic OBD2 connector, which is in every modern car. The device reads the technical indicators of the car, allows you to get an accurate assessment of the state of electronics. Also, this is a great opportunity to identify not only obvious, but also hidden errors.

On-board diagnostics with up-to-date technical stuffing has the possibility of wireless connection via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The solution allows you to quickly and conveniently connect to a smartphone or other mobile device. Before the diagnosis, a diagnostic program or application is downloaded to the phone or tablet. PNN Soft has already created an excellent application for on-board diagnostics inCarDoc. With the help of the car diagnostic tool from inCarDoc, the driver can carry out on-board diagnostics independently.

Types of OBD scanners, and their capabilities

Scan tool for cars is used to read information from these systems and diagnose problems. There are several types of OBD scanners, depending on their functionality and the ability to work with different communication protocols. You can buy a scanner for car diagnostics through online stores, or from trusted sellers. PNN Soft has implemented its own device for connecting via iOS & Android devices. The scanner was created under the monitoring of a professional development team. Therefore, the quality of its work allows you to search for error codes of the vehicle's on-board computer without issues. The adapter displays various indicators in real time, and you can also find details on the website. But before you make a purchase, you should learn about the capabilities and types of scanners. Exactly:

  • OBD-I: This is the first generation OBD system that was used in cars built before the 1990s.
  • OBD-II: OBD-II is standardized and used in most cars produced after 1996
  • OBD-II Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Scanners: These scanners connect to the vehicle's OBD-II port and provide a wireless connection to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • USB OBD-II scanners: These scanners connect to the OBD-II port and via USB to a computer. They can be used for more thorough diagnostics and data recording.
  • OBD-II GPS trackers: OBD-II scanners can also be equipped with a GPS module that allows you to track car indicators, including car code reader.

What information does OBD provide about the condition of the car

OBD-II provides information about the condition of the car using various systems and components of the car. This information can be accessed via a special OBD-II port. As a rule, it is located under the dashboard of the car. Here are the main parameters and data that the OBD-II can calculate about the condition of the car:

  • Error Codes (DTC)
  • Fuel Manager
  • Fuel management system status
  • Speed and transmission data
  • Brake system data
  • Engine condition
  • Check Engine Parameters

This is just a small list of information that the OBD-II can determine about the condition of the car. The inCarDoc application also provides a number of these features, as well as allows you to save and forward diagnostic data to search for professional advice and troubleshooting recommendations. You will be able to track in addition: speed, RPM, temperature, pressure, lambda and many other parameters supported in your car. The program requires ELM327 OBD2 adapter to work. Many other features can be found on the website.