The sales of electric cars in Europe continue to increase, with the UK being at the forefront of countries with a growing number of green vehicles. Increasing numbers of people are developing an interest in electric-powered cars. This is leading to several changes to infrastructure, such as the production of electric car charging points for businesses, as well as other charging points that also provide customer parking. 

The UK government wants its citizens to utilise electric vans and cars by 2030, which means that from this year until the target date, businesses should assess the type of electric vehicle (EV) charging solution that will best fit their company. 

Types of business that need electric vehicle charging points

Installing an electric car charging point should fit the requirement of the office location. Some offices are located in huge complexes. Therefore, the company planners have to think about the number of employees who will need electric charging points for their vehicles. Right now, the majority of EV owners cannot charge their cars at their place of work. Although that is not an issue now, it could become a big issue later if take up is slow. 

For businesses that use a commercial electric fleet, it is vital to install commercial electric car charging stations, as they have more company cars and other vehicles which will need to use these stations. A taxi company, on the other hand, needs an electric vehicle fleet charging right on their office location. Car leasing companies that rent out electric vehicles will probably need several charging stations so that cars ‘have a full tank’ when clients collect the vehicle.  

An electric fleet management and charging system is also a requirement if a business operating company cars intends to convert their cars to EV.  

Benefits of installing a business electric car charging station

  • If you are in the retail business, providing an electric car charging station will lead to additional sales. With a charging station, your customers can stay longer to check and shop products. Staying longer means that customers can buy more products. 
  • As an employer, EV charging stations shows that you are a committed and responsive employer who values their employees. 
  • A business that provides an EV charging station in the workplace demonstrates the company's commitment to the environment, and at the same time, supports the firm's social responsibility. 
  • Having a workplace charging scheme (WCS) can earn government support. You can get a voucher to help you defray the initial cost you'll incur for the purchase and installation of the EV charging station. The OLEV workplace grantis a voucher issued by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles for businesses intending to install charging stations. The voucher covers 75 per cent of the purchase and installation costs incurred.  
  • Workplace charging station cuts costs and improve efficiency. It will go some way to making your employees' lives more comfortable. You’ll also make it convenient for your clients. For a company operating a fleet of vehicles, it is an opportunity to cut maintenance and fuel costs at a single stroke.  

With the British government targeting to shift to electric vehicles ten years from now, installing EV charging stations in your place of business right now will definately be a smart move.