One of the most vital phases of starting a delivery business from scratch is to set up the delivery fleet. It needs to consist of vehicles that can run all sorts of delivery operations efficiently. Without an efficient fleet, you cannot make much profit. And that will eventually lead to your downfall. 

Thus, if you want to start a delivery business, here are a few vehicle types you should include in your fleet.


Bicycles are very easy to manage. And on top of that, they are also cost-efficient when it comes to delivering packages. With bicycles, your delivery team can deliver everything from food to documents and normal parcels. If the delivery person is to deliver a perishable product (like ice cream) on their bicycle, the destination needs to be within a short range of the pickup point. Otherwise, the bicycle might fail to deliver the product before it gets spoiled. 

Bicycles are best for short distances. A standard bicycle will cost you around 400-700 USD. If you are buying a used one, it will cost you around 200 USD. As long as you take proper care, these two-wheelers will last a very long time. 


Motorbikes can replace ordinary bicycles speed is your priority. As we mentioned, bicycles are not well-suited for delivering perishable products over long distances in a short period. However, the deliveries can be made faster using motorbikes. The operational and maintenance cost of bikes is more than bicycles. Hence, the delivery charge should be adjusted accordingly.

The price of motorbikes and scooters can vary a lot. Normal motorbikes will cost you between 4000-6000 USD. Chinese-made electric bikes will cost you less than a thousand dollars per unit. If you buy these e-bikes wholesale, you can get a really good deal. You can also look for used motorbikes at cheaper prices.

Regular Vans

If you want your delivery service to cover an entire city or a large area, you should have regular cargo vans in your fleet. They can be a bit expensive. However, given that they will be catering to large orders and deliveries, you can cover up the costs quite easily.

Some of the best small to medium-sized cargo vans can cost you around $20,000 - $30,000. Used vans will bring those costs down to some extent. And if you are not ready to purchase them yet, perhaps you could rent a couple of these vans until your business expands.

Freezer Vans

From food items to pharmaceuticals, freezer vans can deliver them all. If you want to cover all sorts of deliveries, you should have at least one freezer van in your fleet. With that single unit, you can run deliveries for pharmaceutical companies, caterers, restaurants, wholesale food shops, and so on. 

Buying a brand new freezer van will cost you a lot of money. The base price of a small refrigerated van can cost you more than 10,000 USD. Used vans, although a bit cheaper, will still trouble your wallet to some extent. Hence, if you are short on cash but would still like to have a refrigerated van, you should consider renting one. You can visit this page to find out more about freezer van rentals and how much they cost.

Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks can be used to deliver a wide range of items. They can also be used for moving services. You can even put your pickup on construction sites to move lightweight equipment from one place to another.

You can also use these trucks as a substitute for cargo vans. Hence, if you want, you can have either one of the two options in your fleet.

Box Trucks

Box trucks are ideal for long-distance delivery. If you are eager to have inter-city delivery services, you can consider having these trucks in your fleet. Box trucks are best utilized when you are moving large shipments from one place to another. It can also generate more revenue than any of the other vehicles in your fleet (if utilized properly).

Among all the vehicles listed above, you can choose the ones that fit your business model. Growing a delivery business will take time. So, if you have to start small, do not worry. As the profits keep on coming, you should expand your business. And slowly, but surely, you will be able to make it big in this market.