How it works

  • Last Post 01 August 2019
itsjoasom posted this 31 July 2019

Please elaborate on the following terms while using the app; failure time send comments specific initial string and send to a service. Thanks

inCarDoc posted this 01 August 2019

It would be easier to answer if you give the exact separate phrases as well as context screens...

As I guess some of them from Settings-Advanced-...
Failure time
number of attempts to get "positive" answer from the car when reading parameter. If car/adapter get more than specified number of fail/no-data answers, app automatically disconnects.

Use specific initial string / Custom init
might required to setup connection with some cars that not 100% compatible with OBD-II standard specification

Sharing options
Send to a service
used to upload selected record to this site. After uploading it will be available at your personal cabinet.