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itsjoasom posted this 31 July 2019

Please elaborate on the following terms while using the app; failure time send comments specific initial string and send to a service. Thanks

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inCarDoc posted this 01 August 2019

It would be easier to answer if you give the exact separate phrases as well as context screens...

As I guess some of them from Settings-Advanced-...
Failure time
number of attempts to get "positive" answer from the car when reading parameter. If car/adapter get more than specified number of fail/no-data answers, app automatically disconnects.

Use specific initial string / Custom init
might required to setup connection with some cars that not 100% compatible with OBD-II standard specification

Sharing options
Send to a service
used to upload selected record to this site. After uploading it will be available at your personal cabinet.



Val Wilke posted this 05 November 2019

So I dont mess it up n I make sure I'm doing this right..I just download the incardoc elm327 app and bluetooth it to my 2011 gmc terrain to get codes for why my service stabilie trak light / all wheel drive is off light / abs light/ traction control lights are I have it right?? I just want to make sure I understand it b4 I go doing things..I'm a single woman with no experience in this area..I have worked on older vehicles but not this kind of stuff..please help...thanks

inCarDoc posted this 06 November 2019

Please note that App supports only parameters and ECU's specified with OBD-II standard, that is Engine and Emission systems (Check Engine dashboard light).

Unfortunately other car systems like service reminders, ABS, ESP, SRS etc. do not covered with any standard. Implementation could be very different for various make-model-year. You might need the other specialized solution for exact make-model-year that declare support of all listed systems.