Factors To Look For When Choosing an Auto Transport Company

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juanedgington posted this 30 November 2022

Do you consider choosing car shipping services over other options? Perhaps, you would want to learn more about shipping companies before finalizing your services. If yes, then this article is for you. 

With the increase in demand for shipping services all over the world, it has given opportunities to many fraudulent and misleading companies to perform unethical business activities. These companies tend to attract users' attention by offering services at unrealistic and eye-catching prices. It is important to understand that shipping companies charge auto-shipping costs at competitive rates usually similar to their competitors. 

Doing a market research and taking certain measures before finalizing your services can help avoid such fraudulent service providers and save your hard-earned money from getting in the wrong hands. 


In this article, we will walk you through certain factors and tips that will help determine the true intention of a service provider and ways to get the most out of your service provider. 


Continue reading this article till the end to discover nine unique factors to take into consideration when finding auto transport services. 


  1. Understand your shipping requirements


Before looking for potential service providers, it is important to understand your shipping needs and requirements. Whether you are looking for short-distance shipping services or interstate transportation. If you are looking for short-distance services, open transport services can be an ideal method to transport your vehicles in a cost-effective way. Whereas, for long-distance transportation services, enclosed shipping services will be a much more feasible option. 


  1. Seek referrals


Referrals are one of the best and most reliable available sources of information. You can seek referrals from your friends, family members, or neighbors who have recently hired shipping services. Ask questions about their shipping experience, why did they choose them as their service provider, and whether they would again choose them as their shipping partner or not. 


  1. Conduct background research

One of the best ways to learn more about your service provider is by conducting background checks. A reliable and genuine service provider will always have a good reputation in the marketplace. Based on your referrals from the above pointer, you should conduct background checks on the potential service providers to learn more about their services. Consider choosing a service provider with a maximum of years of experience and good client reviews. 


  1. Read online reviews 


Another best way to get more information about a particular auto transport shipping company is by reading online customer reviews. Several reviewing websites online offer detailed information about the service providers that are readily not available on their original websites. These information is provided by past customers and experts who give honest reviews about various auto shipping companies in the market. 


  1. Ask relevant questions


Once you are satisfied with their reviews and have shortlisted potential shipping companies, you can move on to personally connect with them. Speaking to them in person will help you identify their true intentions and learn more about their services. You can ask questions about the types of services they offer, years of experience in the industry, additional services, and what makes their service different from others. 


  1. Look for carrier options 


The type of carrier options to choose from mainly depends on the shipping needs and budget preferences. The two most common carrier options available in the market are open and enclosed auto transport services. Enclosed car transport services are slightly more expensive than the other options. In this method, your vehicle is transported in a closed container with maximum protection from outdoor road conditions. For cheaper shipping options, you can consider opting for open-car shipping services. 


  1. License and insurance 


You should always hire service from a registered auto transport company having a valid license and insurance to conduct their shipping activities. A shipping license is proof that the auto transport company is legally permitted to perform shipping services in accordance with state rules and regulations. 


  1. Driver's qualifications 


When shipping your vehicle, you would not want to hand over the shipping responsibilities to underqualified drivers or shipping professionals. Therefore, always ask for the driver’s qualifications before finalizing your services. Interact with the driver to learn more about their qualifications and experience in handling complex shipping services. 


  1. Budget


Last, but most importantly, check multiple auto-shipping quotes before selecting your service provider. Many shipping companies offer shipping calculating tools to allow customers to get instant and accurate shipping quotes online. Checking multiple shipping quotes will allow you to know more about the ongoing market rates and which company offers the best services at affordable rates. 

If possible, meet your service provider in person or visit their workplace to know about their work culture and how attentive they are towards their customer’s needs and grievances. 

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