Definition bank 1 and bank 2

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hans posted this 22 October 2018


I have a Alfa GT with 2.0 JTS motor. Reading out is working fine. I'm only wondering what is meant with bank 1 and bank 2. Can you explain?

Does bank 1 stands for cilinder 1 (at the site of the passenger) and 4 and bank 2 for cilinder 2 and 3?


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inCarDoc posted this 23 October 2018

Unfortunately naming and positioning of sensors might be confusing, as OBD-II standard does not give exact mapping for the id and place of appropriate sensors. Please follow the discussion at appropriate theme at our forum O2 Sensor Names


Jose Gr Da posted this 10 July 2021

Tengo entendido que esto se refiere es al sensor de o2 que va arriba (bank1) y el banco es el sensor de o2 que esta despues del catalizador