About 46 million Americans plan to take an RV trip in the next couple of months. President Trump could be among the next RVers as he also hinted about ditching Air Force One for a New York RV trip.

An RV is a car and a house combo. Individuals who own an old unit can opt to renovate it.

However, renovation often focuses on the house part, although the motor is the real foundation. So, would any RVer build a house on a faulty foundation? 

Everyone’s answer would be as good as mine! If the motor is old fashioned, the renovation is not worth it. 

Here are quick pro RV renovations tips.


Painting the interior is no small task, but it inevitably changes the outlook. The little hassle will be choosing the color combinations. They could go for their favorites but should keep in mind how the paint can stay clean. 

Floor Replacement

Most RV owners looking to remodel their units probably have the ancient flooring designs.

Replacing with new options should be such a good idea. Tiles are modern, but a wood floor would serve better. 

The floor looks beautiful, although they could use other options if it’s all for the beauty. Laminate floors have the same appearance as wood and are much lighter and cheaper. 

Replacing the Furniture

It feels good to have the home-feel while on vacay, and it’s simple to experience just that.

RVers only need to think about furniture replacement during their RVrenovations.

Most RVs probably have outdated furniture with boring makes and floral designs, and a modern replacement would come in handy. 

RV owners can bring in décor similar to their homes’ or even with additions and make the trip feel homier. 

Adding Decorations

Decorations can come in many ways, from getting flowers in vases to hanging drawings of art. Whichever way, it should match the preferences of the occupants. 

However, it is necessary to be mindful of the color combinations and ensure the decorations blend well with wall paints and décor. 

The RV is for vacays, so the cute items found from previous trips can have a spot in the unit.

Change the Unit Details

After having the RV for years, it’s not a wonder to feel bored with almost every detail, including the windows, doors, and bathrooms. Having a clear view of the outside creates a lot of difference, and so the window design can change a little. 

Getting new door and bathroom designs or changing aspects as simple as the locks could also mean a lot.

It’s a common thing for first-timers to underestimate costs. The renovation process needs both time and money, to levels that some of them are yet to imagine. However, this shouldn’t shatter anyone’s dream for an RV trip. DIY enthusiasts can cut the expense down by taking things into their hands.

Besides, some of the things professionals do could turn out quite simple if people decide to try them. RV renovations could cost a few bucks or thousands of dollars, depending on the approach and extent of remodeling. In any case, individuals should be sure it’s manageable.