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Honda Jazz Safety Updates

Administrator posted this 05 May 2020

Honda includes new front centre airbag technology as standard in the all-new Jazz e:HEV. The updates to the safety system, and especially to the airbags, provide increased protection for passengers and drivers in the event of a car accident. 

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Classification Of Car Alarms

Administrator posted this 28 March 2019

Car thieves appeared as soon as the cars were commercialized. The first recorded car stolen was mentioned in 8.06.1896, and considered theft of the car brand Peugeot, from the private garage of a Parisian and Baron Julien. The thief was his mechanic, ironically enough. At that time, the owning of the car was a luxury & too conspicuous attribute. However, this story ends here. The precedent was not considered by the media and didn’t receive publicity, and therefore, there is no reliable information about the capture of the offender, and whether the car was returned to the owner is unknown.

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How to prevent car theft

Administrator posted this 13 December 2018

Modern cars amaze with their technological bells and whistles. Then, along with the development of their equipment and functionality, the car theft systems are improved too. It is interesting to note, that, ADAC  —  the society of motorists in Germany — selected 24 cars from B to F class, and tried to break up them. All cars that have been tasted fall the “exam”, except the BMW i3, which could not be opened, but was managed to start the engine.

This article will focus on do’s and don’ts, to prevent car stolen, and the top-list of devices and tricks that will allow you to protect the car from theft, will be presented in the end.

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