How to prevent car theft

Administrator posted this 13 December 2018

Modern cars amaze with their technological bells and whistles. Then, along with the development of their equipment and functionality, the car theft systems are improved too. It is interesting to note, that, ADAC  —  the society of motorists in Germany — selected 24 cars from B to F class, and tried to break up them. All cars that have been tasted fall the “exam”, except the BMW i3, which could not be opened, but was managed to start the engine.   

This article will focus on do’s and don’ts, to prevent car stolen, and the top-list of devices and tricks that will allow you to protect the car from theft, will be presented in the end.   

Keyless entry

The principle of operation is that the electronics of your car recognizes the code of the smart key and makes the exchange of the cipher, thus removing or installing the alarm.

Such scheme of the car stolen, usually, carried out by two people. There are one car-thief in the parking lot, and one near you (most often this method of theft is used in parking lots near shopping centers). With the help of a special device, transponder, radio signal from the regular “key” is transmitted to the parking area, and the car recognizes the attacker as the owner.

How to prevent? A solution that suits you in this situation is the improvement or replacement of the firmware that wouldn’t be recognized by the retransmission transponder. The main problem, in this case, is to find a specialist who can provide a quality service. Moreover, in some cases, the firmware replacement can limit or may even remove the warranty conditions. There is a second way to block the signal, which is effective, but absolutely not convenient for the owner. To do this, the folding key must be hidden under a metallic foil screen. To put it simply wrap it in foil. It is more optimal to use physical anti-theft means.

Electric car

If you have a smart car, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be stolen. As always, before to drive your car away, the thief has two tasks -is two tasks — to open the car and start the engine. Smart cars can be hacked, although the thief will need a little more time and knowledge to use special devices.   

These devices, via connection to the on-Board computer or CAN-bus, allow you to bypass the included immobilizer or duplicate the pre-installed modules. 

How to prevent? Set the car alarm with a dialogue code and an additional label, the run of which is based on an algorithm other than the standard system.  

Through Service Station or points of sale  

There are cases when the key to your car, the hijacker receives from the staff of the service station or car wash. It is possible to get on such “service” if you didn't approach the choice of repair attendance carefully and scrupulously. It is better to avoid “garage” masters. About the service center of car maintenance, we wrote here: "the Criteria for choosing a quality service station.

When you buy a car, the idea is the same. Thief gets a pre-codes, algorithms, tags and key. If you do not trust for some reason the dealer from whom you buy the car, set up all the devices and reprogram them yourself or in high-quality anti-theft services.

The person who sells the car also can be remained deceived, especially when selling used cars. Wanting sell an old car as quickly as possible, you lose vigilance that can take advantage of the hijacker.

How to prevent? Choose the station carefully. Perhaps the desire to save on repairs will deprive you of its need at all. When selling a car, do not leave a potential buyer with the keys alone.


It is also a very old scheme when the alleged owner forgets the documents and keys in the cabin. Or cut the driver of the tow truck in on the hijacking.

How to prevent? Modern security systems, even at the standard level have tilt and motion sensors that notify the owner of any actions according to his car. If not, they should be installed.


Another very old way, when thieves distract the driver, and hijack the car. For example, as either obstructing the view or creating noise. In such cases, the hijacker attaches noisy bottles to the wheel arch, fold mirrors near the passenger seat. That is, do what you can only see sitting in the car and start driving. As a result, you get out of the car “for a second” without turning off the engine.

Rarely, but it happens, thieves provoke the driver to get out of the car. For example, having arranged a road accident or other. This method is rarely used. Nevertheless, road accidents suit road scammers, for more detail about how not to fall into their trap here “Scammers on the roads, who should beware of drivers?”

How to prevent? Turn off the engine and close the doors before leaving the car for at least a couple of seconds. 

Theft from cars

Some criminal can’t steal a car, but can steal something from it, just breaking the glass. Do not leave precious and expensive things/devices inside the car. 

Also, your car can be stolen only for the joy ride. 80% of hijackings can be prevented by a number of gimmicks and mechanical devices. The thief acts quickly, he has no time and it is not desirable to attract too much attention. And maybe he will not be ready for some “surprises” that you can leave in your car.   

TOP 9 anti-theft devices

1. Switch your coil wire with one of your spark plugs wires, your engine wouldn’t run. Also, if the thief tries to start such car, and he will do it without any check the engine will backfire and make a terrible noise. It will pay attention from the rounders on the car. What is more, it doesn’t cost you anything? Moreover, it wouldn’t worth a penny.

2, A steering wheel lock. Allows you to lock the steering wheel, easy to install.

3. Gearbox or pedal lock. The mechanical gearbox unit is also an effective method, but more expensive. The design is compact and is installed by a sub-coating of the gearbox, that is, the mechanism is “sewn”. Installation of the gearbox blocker is very difficult, and it must be carried out only by specialists.

4. Disconnect one of the battery cables. Unscrew the handle from this device, and this will disconnect the car battery.

5. Tire lock. The method for those who leave the car for a long time. The construction is heavy and requires complex installation.

6. The fuel line shut-off valve is installed under the hood. By turning the knob, you can turn off the fuel line. (also known as. fuel cutoff switch).

7. Nanny Cam for cars. You will hear extraneous noises and see what is happening in your car, even at night.

8. Kill Switch. The principle of operation is similar to the fuel line shut-off valve, the difference in the device and the installation elements.

9. Electronic tracker. It will not protect your car from taken away, but also, it will track the route of its movement.