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Is It True That Cars in South Africa are not OBD2 Compliant?

Administrator posted this 03 September 2019

Cars from any countries within Africa (including South Africa), Uruguay, Colombia, and Bolivia doesn’t support OBD2. But all rules have some exception. Let’s find out why does it happened, and which cars in South Africa are most likely to be compatibility with OBD2.

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You Should Know About The Car Compatibility with OBD-II

Administrator posted this 06 August 2019

One of the ubiquitous questions asked by inCarDoc users is about the compatibility with OBD2. “What are the limits, not allowing the car to be compatible with OBD2?” - a question which is asked frequently. Step by step we will try to figure out all the nuances of OBD2 support.

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Car Diagnostic Tools & Software

Administrator posted this 30 May 2018

Today technologies allow to perform a complex car diagnostics and its internal systems. Upgrading and improving vehicles is a small part of the overall technical situation and its improvement. Computer diagnostics allows you to inspect the performance of car and engine parameters.

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