Car Diagnostic Tools & Software

Administrator posted this 30 May 2018

Today technologies allow to perform a complex car diagnostics and its internal systems. Upgrading and improving vehicles is a small part of the overall technical situation and its improvement. Computer diagnostics allows you to inspect the performance of car and engine parameters.

Mobile applications are becoming multifunctional and its capabilities are approaching professional computer programs. One of such applications is InCarDoc.

To run a professional car computer diagnostics you will need only:

  • InCarDoc application on your smartphone (available to all users via the App Store and Google Play)
  • OBD II vehicle compatible 
  • OBD Diagnostic Adapter

InCarDoc helps to monitor and control all car internal processes.

The main features of the application are: reading the parameters of the engine and the car in real time (rpm, load, coolant temperature, fuel system condition, air pressure, intake air temperature, fuel pressure, throttle position, etc.), as well as reading, decoding and/or clearing the errors of the electronic control unit (Check engine, MIL). 
InCarDoc works on the principle of an internal error scanner at maintenance stations, which determines the level of possible malfunctions and indicates internal deviations in the operation of systems and mechanisms.

Car service mechanics use a large number of diagnostic tools, but every driver with a smartphone and InCarDoc application can run an onboard diagnostics of the car by yourself.