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You Have Major Problems, In Case Of Motor Oil Leakage.

Administrator posted this 5 weeks ago

Sometimes drivers come across a problem of the motor oil presence in the air filter, by the fact it can lead to serious consequences. But what are they and which reasons lead to them?

Adjacent, to find the area of leakages can be a complicated task, you need to do it properly and be attentive during the engine examination. First of all, clear the car’s motor from dust and soot, thus you might see the grease spot on the surface. Be sure, that you washed up all hoses, brackets, engine tray, and wash the bottom of the machine and its suspension. Before to start to cool down the engine and isolate all eclectic elements and connectors.   

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How to choose the motor oil?

Administrator posted this 02 October 2018

It is obvious that the motor oil is necessary for your car, as it lubricates the parts, provides a cold and soft start of the engine, cleans parts, provides work at high temperatures.

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