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What are the reasons for car modifications | inCarDoc

Administrator posted this 07 September 2023

Discover the benefits and drawbacks of various types, from performance enhancements to visual upgrades. Gain insights to make informed decisions about transforming your vehicle to suit your style and preferences.

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A short guide on vehicle diagnostics: keep your car running

Administrator posted this 13 January 2021

It’s no wonder that all car owners have a common concern on how to prevent serious breakdowns. Instead of spending a fortune on car repair, it’s worthwhile to conduct check-ups and stay abreast of your car’s actual condition. Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered!

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Connection Mode Bluetooth - inCarDoc

Administrator posted this 26 March 2020

How to use inCarDoc? Launching and Configuration of inCarDoc with Bluetooth for Android or iOS

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Remember that inCarDoc and inCarDoc Pro are Best Apps for the Car Care

Administrator posted this 17 March 2020

Car care is an important aspect for all drivers. Modern cars are incredibly technological, and this gives an advantage in their maintenance. Each driver can independently monitor the condition of their car, namely,

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inCarDoc Congratulations

Administrator posted this 30 December 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We have congratulations for you! 

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P0190 - P0194 Fuel Rail Pressure

Administrator posted this 11 June 2019

To continue the topic of the error codes, it is time to mention faults with Fuel Rail Pressure system. A fuel rail is essentially a pipe (usually resembling a rail) used to deliver fuel to individual fuel injectors on internal combustion engines.

  • P0190 Fuel Rail Pressure 
  • P0191 FRP Range/Performance
  • P0192 FRP Low Input (voltage)
  • P0193 FRP High Input (voltage)
  • P0194 FRP Intermittent

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ECU - Electric Control Unit or Engine Conrol Unit?

Administrator posted this 21 May 2019

ECU is an Electric Control Unit, but sometimes the acronym means Engine Control Unit. So the question is, what does ECU really mean and how does it influence on the car output?

Actually, ECU is a general term for any electronic unit which controls different vehicle's “branches”. For example, Airbag Control Unit, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, etc. One car can include 80 ECUs.

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Why is it important to carry out computer diagnostics of the car?

Administrator posted this 08 April 2019

Modern cars are high-tech and almost completely computerized. If the search for problems in old cars took time, special knowledge and numerous tools, today everything is a little easier. Thanks to computer diagnostics, the problem can be detected at the earliest stages, and moreover, it can be solved on the spot.

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inCarDoc Diagnostic trouble codes

Administrator posted this 08 November 2018

If you are faced with some problems in your car, which are associated with the engine and fuel system, they must be eliminated. To drive to the station every time is expensive and it takes time. But, fortunately, today you can determine, and then correct errors with the help of the mobile application inCar Doctor

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InCarDoc team have updated the application by 6.4.5 release

Administrator posted this 11 July 2018

We have made changes to comply fully with the requirements of the GDPR. We have fixed bugs, added French localization and improved application`s stability for both PRO and Free versions.

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