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geoffrey.feeley posted this 04 January 2022

I have 2001 Hiace Super Custom KZH138V (JDM)
1KZTE with 4 speed automatic.
ECU is 899661-26640 which is also KZH106G KZH106W KZH116G KZH120G
OBD2 style port driver left knee has pins 4 , 6 , 7 , 9, 13 , 14 and 16 present
23 pin Toyota diagnostic connector below glovebox has W , E1 , AB , TC , +B , TS present with WA and WB bridged

can OBD Car Doctor Pro | ELM327 OBD2 be configured to support please?


inCarDoc posted this 06 January 2022

In theory it might be done if

1) your OBD-II adapter supports appropriate pins as well as signals specific for this protocol

2) you know all required set of commands both for proper adapter initialization and PIDs specific to this car

Unfortunately we have no required information as well as a test car to prepare appropriate profile.

if you have this details for your car we could help you to prepare and test appropriate configuration. 


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