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James Ford posted this 2 weeks ago

how do you read the test results like exhaust sensor bank 1 it has min 4090 current 5978 and max 6500 what does that mean....its not showing any trouble codes is there a link i can go to to help me understand how to read it thanks


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James Ford posted this 2 weeks ago

and if there is a manual I can download please let me know


inCarDoc posted this 2 weeks ago

"Test results" represents raw data of self-test monitoring and readiness of your car for Emission diagnostics. Unfortunately deep review of each test is hardly possible in app description, that is rather for car system diagnostics manual specific for exact make/model/modification/year of your car.

General meaning that each tested parameter have "normal" range specified with min-max values. If the observed current value is within the range - test is passed, out of the range - failed.

If some tests are failed usually you will get some Errors (DTCs) at diagnostics screen and raised Check Engine dashnoard light.

You might try to find more details by searching articles with "OBD-II Mode 6", "On-Board Diagnostic Monitors"...


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