Speedometer range 0 to 90 mph

  • Last Post 26 July 2018
djclancy67 posted this 21 July 2018

How do I set the speedometer range to read 0 to 90mph?    There is not much of a threat of my 2003 yukon needing the 0 to 180 range the pro version shows.

inCarDoc posted this 26 July 2018

With Pro version you could create "combined" parameter with customized range.
- connect
- open Current data
- go to Comby section and click Add
- set a name (like "My speed") and click Add combined command
- find and set check box on "Vehicle speed" and click "Confirm selection"
- click "edit icon" next to the "Vehicle speed"
- change "Max" parameter and click Ok
- (optionally) change number of "zones", for max 90, it should be 9 zones for a good look
- click Save option (upper right corner) 

Use this custom parameter instead of the default