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Paulstillactive posted this 12 November 2017

Hi, i am a new member and have recently purchased through Amazon a Super OBD Wfi  mini adaptor for my Vauxhall Mokka 1.4 SE and it seems to be working and connecting fine. However since using it for the first week the instrument panel sometimes after starting vehicle shows passenger airbag and ETC traction stability lights still on and when checking on iphone there are no DTC codes! I then switched off and restarted engine and both lights extinguished!

This has been happening on & off for last couple of weeks and hasn't affected the cars performance but still happens everyday more or less. Could this be down to adaptor I bought through Amazon or just coincidence???

Anyone have same problem??? 


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inCarDoc posted this 12 November 2017

Looks like some ELM327 clone adapters might have issues and be source of troubles for electronics of some cars. It's hard to collect reliable information as clones are very different, frequently they using different chip-sets and firmware with the same body and name... The topic about "clones" is discussed at "Attention! "Bad" Bluetooth & WiFi adapters with low quality clones of ELM327"
It's better to avoid using adapter, that cause instability of car's electronics.


Paulstillactive posted this 24 November 2017

Hi, Thanks for coming back to me on this. I bought this adaptor from a company via Amazon called Qillu EU who describe it as a super mini Wifi V1 1.5 OBD2 OBD11.

I am convinced this has caused the problem as only started once installed in diagnostic port! I have since contacted them and they have refunded me in full via Amazon so in that respect they are honourable!

Thanks for your help.