Obd not in list

  • Last Post 10 September 2021
PK Water Technologies posted this 10 September 2021

I'm using doc obd purchase version not properly working my nissan dayz ROOX 2014

inCarDoc posted this 10 September 2021

Sorry, the issue does not quite clear.

Please follow the recommendations to setup OBD-II connection with your adapter at Android device and send results as well as the issue description directly from the app, as recomended below!

- power-on car's electronics: start car's engine (OR just switch key to ON (II) position just before Start option)
- unplug/plug back the OBD adapter, check that it's powered
- (for Bluetooth) turn off/on Bluetooth support in you phone (or reload phone)
- (*optional, for Bluetooth) try other Bluetooth mode: Settings-Connection-BT mode-Secure
- (for WiFi) go to Android wireless connections, do search and connect to your OBD adapter
- !!! check that other apps or phones does not occupy OBD adapter connection
- start app
- turn on Debug logging: Settings-Logging-Debug logging
- run Connection Guide: Settings-Connection Guide, switch to the 3rd page to search available  connections
- find and click your OBD adapter in a list
  Note! To see all connection points you might need give app Location permission and enable Location service, or do pairing of your OBD-II adapter in Android Bluetooth settings before running the app
- wait finishing of connection testing or error message

- use Connect <...> at Home app screen for consequent connections

If have issues please please use Settings-Logging-Send message  to send details and issue description as well as car model/year details

*option might be required for some adapters and/or if using multiple OBD apps from different developers!