OBD all steady red light

  • Last Post 05 August 2020
bob posted this 24 December 2019

2012 Nissan Altima OBDll plugs in but shows red light steady. What do I need to do? New unit

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Deleted posted this 25 December 2019

Different adapter might have different colors for indicating adapter's state... Any color light informs that adapter at least powered and you could follow connection procedure as described at How to connect InCarDoc iOS and Android to OBD adapter?


Petri Anderson posted this 05 August 2020

The red light comes on when I plug in the OBD II adaptor but there is no WiFi obd showing on my iPhone WiFi list. How do I connect?


inCarDoc posted this 05 August 2020

If you are using WiFi adapter, it should appear in a list of available WiFi connections at wireless settings of your phone. If this does not happened please contact seller Or manufacturer of your adapter to get their comments or device replacement.