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wayneashford1 posted this 11 April 2019

Worked once better having no Lucy now getting to work Holden sv6 Ute device has no switches nothing and no way of testing the device as so can use it on my car . Simply stated on front OBD11 with five lights that light up but last one not

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inCarDoc posted this 11 April 2019

Please note to complete connection/settings steps as it described here How to connect InCarDoc iOS and Android to OBD adapter

If have any connection issues, please use in-app feedback options to send us raw data and case description for the troubleshooting.


Allan Rae posted this 04 November 2019


I am having a similar connection problem.

I purchased your OBD adaptor, installed it on my Honda Accord 2006

Started the Engine

Connected to the Wifi adaptor

I change IP and Subnet values on Wifi connection in Iphone settings

Started InCarDoc app

Lights on Adaptor start to come on , suggesting I have connected to adaptor

I change IP and the port setting in the app

The app does not receive any data from the adaptor

Should the data be transferred quickly to the iphone ??

Thanks in advance




inCarDoc posted this 04 November 2019

Please note that suggestion above say nothing about changing the mask or setting the IP, instead if highly recommend using of dynamic DHCP IP setting with all recent iOS versions. It’s also recommends to use in-app Feedback option for contacting our support... as we might need to review setting and adapter responses.

Thank you for reading and following recomendations.