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mr lexou posted this 15 March 2018

Hi, I just tried OBD car doctor free. It seems to work but some menu seems to not be available (General Information, Current data and diagnostic). I would just like to check the value of Air Fuel Ratio, STFT and LTFT. Nothing special. My bluetooth adapter comes with another app (Torque) and it's not giving these information either. Does that mean my car is too old to give it? I can give screenshots if necessary. Or is it just a problem from the free version? I can buy the pro version but I would like to be sure that it would work with my card before buying. My car is a citroen c3 from 2003.

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inCarDoc posted this 15 March 2018

As it sounds from your description, grayed out menu items means that app just does not able to connect the car. If you click Connect and wait all protocols testing, app should pop-up dialog with details and possible connection issues.
There might be different connection issues including the non-compatibility of Citroen from 2003 model year with OBD-II standard.

It would be preferred to see the detailed connection protocol for more suggestions. 

please do the following steps:

- start car's engine
- unplug/plug back the adapter, check that it's powered
- (for Bluetooth) turn off/on Bluetooth support in you phone (or reload phone)
- (for WiFi) go to Android wireless connections, do search and connect to your OBD adapter
- check that other apps or phones does not occupy OBD adapter connection
- start app
- turn on Debug logging: Settings-Logging-Debug logging
- run Connection Guide: Settings-Guide-Connection Guide, switch to the second page to search available  connections
- find and click your OBD adapter in a list
wait finishing of connection testing or error message

- use Connect <...> at Home app screen for consequent connections

If have issues please please use Settings-Logging-Send message  to send details and issue description
as well as car model/year details



mr lexou posted this 21 March 2018

Will try that in a few days, thanks.