No Wifi signal

  • Last Post 02 March 2019
Anthony Kimpton posted this 24 February 2019

 My ELM327 Interface will light 3 red lights when connected to OBD.  I have installed the AP on my iphone 5s.

I cannot find any WiFi signal from the device.

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inCarDoc posted this 25 February 2019

If adapter is powered on, but you can't see it in iOS settings at the list of available WiFi connections, could mean that adapter is malfunctioning or possibly not a WiFi adapter (possibly you have a Bluetooth model)

Please contact your adapter seller or manufacturer to check the case.

More about different adapters in our blog How to choose an OBD II adapter



Harry encarnacion posted this 02 March 2019

Hi My unit was working for two months. But now the wifi cant detect the device. There's a red light on it. Does it mean its busted?

inCarDoc posted this 02 March 2019

Unfortunately we can”t add more details that in an appear answer... there could be issues both with adapter or with some hang from the phone’s side.

Try to remove OBD WiFi connection point in phone’s settings. Reload phone, or turn off/on WiFi. Start car’s engine, unplug/plug back adapter, check that it is powered. Switch phone to flight mode. Check and turn off any proxy or other apps that could change IP addresses. Open WiFi settings and try to search and setup connection with OBD adapter. If this does not work, great chance that adapter is dead.