Issues with older Android devices

  • Last Post 14 August 2020
Ismaël Biramane posted this 11 August 2020

I own a galaxy s7 Edge and the app doesn't run properly anymore. (Economy widget)

I use it mainly to monitor my fuel consumption. But whenever I switch app, for exemple to accept a call, data resets.

Also the standby mode is not disabled by the app and shuts down after 30seconds reseting economy data in the process.

Tested the app on a more recent phone. No problems like those.

Any suggestions on the settings maybe? Or a fix next update?

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inCarDoc posted this 11 August 2020

App have no way to change your phone/Android settings. Looks as your have "aggressive power saving mode" configured at your Android settings. So app and/or wireless connection is stopped as soon as app switched to off-screen mode. You might need change general power saving settings or make exclusion rules for the inCarDoc app.


Ismaël Biramane posted this 14 August 2020

Found the setting.

In french its called "mode veille". With means standby mode so a bit confusing.

Long story short, problem solved.