Road traffic accidents happen all the time in the UK, and most people have been involved in some kind of road traffic accident at least once in their lives. A road traffic accident is essentially considered an accident that has occurred on the road, but it can also be defined as an accident that has happened in a location where access to the public is allowed, such as bridleways and footpaths. If you have become the victim of such an accident and you wish to file a claim, it's important to know how the procedure works and what you can do to solidify your claim. Here, then, is how you can easily and efficiently file a claim for a road traffic accident.

Who can file claims, and for what?

You can file your road traffic accident claim based on the kind of accident you have had. These claims are often put in place as protection for vehicle drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, and bikers, and you can file a claim due to a personal injury such as a whiplash injury (which is the most common form of injury in road traffic accident claims), an airbag injury, a seat belt injury, a child restraint injury, and so on. Keep this in mind, though: road traffic accidents may occur because of various reasons, but regardless of the reasons for the accident, you should be able to prove without a doubt that the individual who caused the road traffic accident was in the wrong.

Most vehicular accidents, for example, occur due to negligence, but they can also occur because of weather conditions, recklessness, poor maintenance of the road, and a malfunction in the vehicle.

What you should do immediately following a road traffic accident

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident and you believe you have the right to file a claim, it's essential to get as much information as possible because it will help in your claims process. Relevant information includes the name(s), telephone numbers, and insurance details of the other party, as well as their vehicle registration numbers and addresses, and it also includes photos of the actual accident. You should note down the vehicular model of the other party, the amount of damage to it, and its year and colour. If there are witnesses, note down their information, too, and make it a point to report the road traffic accident to the authorities such as the police in case you have any disagreements or conflicts with the other party in the future. 

How the process works

Once the accident has occurred, file your road traffic accident claim immediately, as advised by the road accident claim Gloucester experts from Shires Law. If you need medical help and assistance, make sure you get a proper diagnosis from the physician as this will help when you are filing your claim – especially since the diagnosis will include the details of whatever injury you have incurred and the costs and expenses associated with treatment.

To help you further, it’s best if you seek help from a legal expert right away – even before you file your claim. They should be able to give you the proper advice and set up the legal paperwork required for your claim. The legal expert or solicitor should also be able to gather and compile evidence for you in the form of photos, footage from CCTV cameras, if available, medical documents, statements from witnesses, and the like.