How to use when we wanna remove some alarm on dashboard

  • Last Post 25 May 2023
재진 정 posted this 18 May 2023

Is it possible to remove air bag alarm by this one?

inCarDoc posted this 25 May 2023

Please note (as stated in the description) that App mostly supports parameters and ECU's specified with OBD-II standard, that is Engine and Emission systems (Check Engine dashboard light).

Unfortunately other car systems like service reminders, ABS, ESP, SRS (air bag) etc. do not covered with any standard. Implementation could be very different for various make-model-year. 

Recent version of inCarDoc app for Andoid might read some "additional" errors via "Extended diagnostics" for some recent car models, but we need to know exact mode/year and protocol of your car, to let you know if it supported. Please also note that support of extended car systems possible only with high quality adapters, most of $3-$10 adapters can't run extended diagnostics. 
After check with free inCarDoc version, clearing of detected "Extended diagnostics" errors might be completed with inCarDoc Pro fro Android.

With issues or questions related to car diagnostics, please send us results with Save-Send option directly from the Diagnostics screen . In the letter please note to explain the case as well as car model year info.