Focus ST2

  • Last Post 29 March 2019
Rocco Scouse Pitbull Maccacan posted this 29 March 2019

How to take light of dash

inCarDoc posted this 29 March 2019

It's recommended to clear codes with stopped engine but full power on ECU
key ON (or II) position

- stop car's engine and switch key to ON (or II) position
- plug in adapter, check that it's powered
- connect from the app
- open Diagnostic page and wait finishing of reading
- use Clear button to clear the codes from ECU's memory

Please note, that clearing code does not fix the car's malfunction. You need to fix malfunction before clearing code,
other case error will re-appear with the next car's self-test.

If have issues please please use Feedback to send details and issue description