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homartens posted this 07 April 2016

Hello all,

I'm a new OBD Car Doctor Pro user on an iPhone 6s (everything at latest software level).

I'm struggling to setup eMail under in the Account settings menu.

Which eMail account is this? 

What is this eMail account used for? 

Is this my eMail account used to send out eMails from my iPhone?

If so, I'm wondering why I don't need to specify outgoing / incoming Mail servers, etc.

Or is this the personal account I registered on this website?

If so, I used this account and tried to authorize my OBD card doctor personal account.

Several messages are popping up that authorization failed, but when I reopen the Account settings menu, my personal account is logged in - at least it looks so because I can log it out.

I already read the Forum posts, FAQs and watched the video, but I feel this application is poorly documented  


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OBDCarDoctoriOSDev posted this 07 April 2016


Email field in the account settings is needed to set default recipient when you send OBD Records by email.


homartens posted this 09 April 2016

Thanks for your reply.

I feel this is only half of the truth.

Account settings allows to specify "Email" which seems to be what you describe, the Email target address used as default recipient for sending out information from the OBD Car Doctor App.

But there's the second option to "Login" which by default is saying "Not authorized".

When you press the "Authorize" button it allows you to enter your "OBD Car Doctor Personal account ID" and password. When I understand correctly, this is used to transfer statistics out of the OBD Car Doctor App into this website.

When you use "Authorize" to connect to this website, this issues "connection failed" messages when the iPhone + OBD Car Doctor App is not connected to the OBD ELM327 connector on the car. These messages are not related to "Authorize" the App connection to this website, because the App successfully connects and offers to logout.

I'm being very detailed on my findings because I feel that more people my search for this and will hopefully find my post useful. 

Again, I think you need to focus on improving the documentation now. Otherwise people my switch to another, better documented App - at least I already thought about this.


rdratlos posted this 28 April 2016

Same issue here. Someone it's not logic. Has someone been more successful?

welshmcspicy posted this 11 November 2016

Just to keep the thread open, I just bought this product and the iOS app is doing the same as the OP.