Doesn't connect to ECU, broken ODB port on car?

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Jonny Iridium posted this 4 weeks ago

Hello, I have a Ford Mondeo 2003 2.5 V6

I have tried 3 different ELM, they all connect through Bluetooth to car, but not finding any protocol to connect to the ECU.

Is it possible that the OBD port on the car is broken? How to check if it works?

I have a log file, how to include it here?

inCarDoc posted this 4 weeks ago

It's hard to answer w/o review of the log file. Please follow recomendations to setup connection and send log data directly from the app by mail.

How to connect inCarDoc for iOS and Android to OBD adapter

If still have issues please use in-app Feedback option (as recommended above) to prepare and send us configuration data as well as your issue description, adapter and car details (including the year). DO NOT REMOVE any automatically attached files, so we could check the issue.

Some of the general issues:

- no power on ECU: engine does not started AND/OR key not at ON (II) position
- brake or bad contact of a signal wire in the diagnostic socket
- hanged adapter: need to be reset (unplug/plug back to the diagnostic socket)
- (partially) malfunction adapter ( )
- your car have no or limited OBD-II support ( )