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Pablo007 posted this 04 September 2017

 Its possible connect by bluetooth i mean send the information to my e-mail by this way not by wi-fi

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inCarDoc posted this 04 September 2017

Sorry, can't get the case. Please explain more detailed, what from-to is to be connected with Bluetooth, and what relation with email... For sending email you need to connect mail-sever... This can't be done via Bluetooth, at least I do not now about

Pablo007 posted this 04 September 2017

Let me explain. in this scenario we have many drivers and they dont have wi-fi but i need read the values from the app, i dont know if this information can read without wi-fi and the communication can do it by bluetooth and when arrive  to the office we can download this information

Thank in advance 

inCarDoc posted this 05 September 2017

Communication over Bluetooth are strongly depends on app version Android or iPhone. 

For Android version you could send files over Bluetooth. Just run on destination computer Bluetooth - receive file, that in app use share record(s) and select Bluetooth as "email client" than the target computer. At lest this works with Android - Windows PC communication.

For the iPhone and Mac near the same could be done only with "Air Drop", but unfortunately can't grantee that air drop use only Bluetooth, as it could force using WiFi as well.