Off-road tyres are a type of vehicle tyres that are facilitated with deep tread feature for gaining an increased grip on rough surfaces. Off-road tyres are good for easy running of the vehicle on surfaces like mud, gravel, loose dirt and sand. The main components of these tyres are deep and wide grooves that help in treading on unpaved surfaces.

Which place is best to buy off-road tyres online?

Dubai Tyre Shop

An introduction to Dubai Tyre Shop

Dubai Tyre Shop is an online store that allows people to buy tyres online of all types, including car tyres, SUV tyres, van tyres, off-road tyres etc. This store has gained the trust of many customers by keeping the quality of the products. They have tyres from different brands which are compatible with the best vehicles in the market.

Why Dubai Tyre Shop is the best?

Not only can you buy the tyres from this store but also you can get them installed too. It is because Dubai Tyre Shop facilitates the customers with tyre installation services too, and that also on the chosen time and location of the customer.

Off-road tyres by Dubai Tyre Shop

This store sells the best off-road tyres to its customer as no compromise is made on the quality of tyres. Moreover, you can get a vast range of off-road tyres from this store, manufactured by your preferable brand. The reasons why Dubai Tyre Shop is considered best for selling off-road tyres are listed below.

  1. The width of the tyres

The width range of off-road tyres offered by this store lies between 30X and 900. So, you can easily choose which tyre width us appropriate for your vehicle and see related searches only. 

  1. Height of tyres

What most of the people don't like about online shopping is to scroll through various irrelevant products in order to find the desired product. But Dubai Tyre Shop saves you from this waste of time. You can easily choose what tyre height you want between 9.5 to 85 and instantly search your desired products.

  1. Size of the rim

Rim size is an important factor that plays a part in the proper installation and adjustment of the tyres. Choosing a wrong rim sized tyre is just a waste of money as such tyrescan not be installed on your cars. So, decide a rim size range between R13 and R24 and get the perfect tyre for your vehicle.

How to contact them?

You can contact them by going to the ‘contact page’ of Dubai Tyre Shop, filling in your name, email address, telephone and your message in the comment section. Then verify that you are not a robot and send the message, simple!

Contact numbers:

  • +971 5562 69517
  • +971 54420 4322


For buying Off-road tyres online, UAE's famous store, Dubai Tyre Shop is most recommended. Some other recommended stores have also been mentioned in the article. A few things that you must keep in mind before buying an off-road include pure composition, deep tread and worthy cascade.