For daily commutes, hiring a taxi or calling an UBER does the job. However, there are certain occasions where these services won’t suffice, and you’ll need something more. You’d want to arrive at these events in style, for which you’d need to hire a chauffeur service.

In case you’re confused, here are 7 occasions during which you should consider hiring a chauffeur service.

#1 When you have a foreign or high-value client visiting

You should consider hiring a chauffeur service when you have foreign or high-value clients visiting your office or factory. Given how important they are to you and your company, you must keep them happy at all costs during their visit. And one of the ways you can do so is by driving them around in style.

From the airport pickup to driving them around town, the chauffeur service can take care of it all. Such high-value clients enjoy having a private car driving them around, especially if it’s a luxurious one.

#2 When state declared VIPs or foreign diplomats are visiting

The government hires private vehicles to chauffeur foreign leaders or diplomats around when they visit their country. It’s not necessary that the government has to provide all the vehicles from their own fleet. When the former US President, Donald Trump, visited the UK in 2018 and 2019, his staff and other officials from the US government were driven around by a luxury chauffeur and car service provider called We Drive Global. This helps the host government to save costs on having to buy their own luxury cars and hire personnel to drive them.

In most cases, the chauffeur service provides the car and the government provides the necessary security detail for the convoy. Hence, the chauffeurs often need to train alongside security units before they’re cleared for the job.

#3 For your school prom

For a school prom, stretched limos are fun. However, if you consider yourself different from all your other friends or classmates, or you just want to arrive in your own way, you can hire a luxury chauffeur service. These services usually have tons of branded cars in their fleet, including Mercedes, Bentley, Audi, Rolls Royce, etc. And while they may not be as flashy as a limo, they’ll still make a lot of heads turn.

#4 On the day of your wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. It’s a day when everything needs to be perfect. From your attire to the way you arrive at the venue, everything needs to have a bit of finesse.

Thus, hiring a luxury chauffeur service for your wedding is quite reasonable. These services are widely available and also quite affordable. Even if you need to spend a bit extra, what better time to do so than your own wedding day?

#5 For roadshows

There are plenty of things you have to do to organize a successful roadshow. One of those things is to hire a car to drive the people around.

Usually, most roadshows don’t require luxury cars. A regular car is more than enough to get things going. However, if the roadshow features a VIP guest - like a celebrity, businessman, or politician - regular cars may not do the trick. In such cases, a luxury chauffeur service is the best alternative.

Most chauffeur services have cars of various sizes. Thus, you don’t need to worry about fitting everyone integral to the roadshow into a single sedan.

#6 For foreign celebrities

Event planners need to make a lot of preparations before they host or even think of inviting a celebrity to an event. Things become more complicated when the celebrity in question is from a different country and doesn’t have their own vehicle for moving around. This is when you need to provide them with a chauffeur service. After all, they’re not going to drive on their own, nor are they going to call an UBER or taxi. Besides, regular hire cars just won’t do it for them.

Given the luxury these celebrities are used to, a chauffeur-driven luxury car is your best bet for making sure that they’re comfortable during their tour.

#7 For important corporate meetings

If your car breaks down on the morning of an important business meeting, you can consider calling a chauffeur service. As a top-level employee of your company, you can’t arrive at a business meeting on public transportation, especially if it’s hot and humid outside. You need to enter the meeting room in style and in a fresh mood. Hence, hiring a chauffeur service seems reasonable in this case.