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Administrator posted this 07 August 2014

We are pleased to announce that the OBD InCarDoc app opened a forum. Here one can discuss the App, ask questions and find useful information.

We hope it will be useful!


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the PAXO posted this 21 August 2014

Hello everyone/anyone

Am I alone here

Douglas Kemp posted this 23 April 2018

Hello new to this forum.

This OBD software looks incredible, still just trying to get my head around the features before I commit to a solution for my car. 


Ola . posted this 10 October 2018

Hello, I’ve been using the app for some time and some of the labeling I don’t fully understand.

can someone help explain what the problem of my car might be, the app is showing exhaust gas sensor bank 1 sensor 1 (max 128..value 168.     Max 128 value 168). Are these values for bank 1 sensor 1 and bank 2 sensor 1, since there are two readings displayed. 

I am suspecting my upstream sensors to be the problem, but I bought the sensors directly from Toyota company as OEM and they used my car reg number to order them, but now I got my hands on the Factory service manual and it’s saying I should be getting 1.8ohms at 20 degrees and I’m getting 1.1 ohms at 20 degrees, and I’ve checked two other cars as mine showing 1.1ohms. I know this car will not function well if I have the wrong resistance in the upstream sensors...crazy how Toyota says one thing in the manual and selling something else to customers. Car is Toyota Avensis Verso 2002   /  2.0l engine. 

Car is suffering from loss of power, hesitation or jerking when accelerating and decelerating. STFT is perfect. LTFT -9.38 and -11.12...but this negative LTFT’s go down to around -2 on both banks at higher RPM, whether higher RPM in the parking lot without load or higher RPM under load. This is affecting my CAT and I’ve changed the CAT and code p0420 and p0430 keep coming back. Wondering if the exhaust gas information from the inCarDoc app could point me to the culprit. Exhaust gas sensor bank 2 sensor 2 passed on the two readings and also exhaust gas sensor bank 1 sensor 4 passed on the two readings. Only exhaust gas sensor bank 1 sensor 1 failed. 

Also need explanation on the label bank 1 sensor 4. I just don’t like the confusion in the labeling of sensors on this app. Which is sensor 4... upstream sensors or downstream sensors. 

inCarDoc posted this 12 October 2018

Unfortunately naming and positioning of sensors might be confusing, as OBD-II standard does not give exact mapping for the id and place of appropriate sensors. Please follow the discussion at appropriate theme at our forum O2 Sensor Names