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Maxwell posted this 05 June 2015

Does the software have the capability to monitor the crankshaft sensor? If so, can it be graphed in order to see inconsistencies?

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Administrator posted this 05 June 2015

Program is able to read data that manufacturer exposed according to OBD-II standard ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OBD-II_PIDs ). Usually that is only small subset of the complete list. Direct reading of data from crankshaft sensor doesn't supposed with a standard, but in case of some issue detection ECU can setup CheckEngine warning and expose appropriate DTC. Thanks!

Maxwell posted this 06 June 2015

My issue is intermittent, and does not set a code. I was hoping I could monitor the crankshaft sensor using the oscilloscop because I believe this may be the problem. I don't want to just replace parts, I want to accurately diagnose it. The vehicle stutters or misfires at 2000 rpms under load, but only in third, forth, and fifth gears.