Forum Rules 


  1. By participating in the Forum, users are affirming their willingness to comply with these terms.
  2. All information available on the server is for informational purposes only. All the messages express the views of their authors, and the administration may not bear any responsibility.
  3. Languages ​​ - Russian (English). With some exceptions for the brand names, device models, software and devices abbreviation.
  4. Ignore the bullies. Do not answer to any abuses, offends etc., leave it for the administrator. Just inform the Forum administration.
Rules of topic creation and replies to existing topics

  1. Any Forum user has the right to create a topic that fits the profile of the Forum and doesn’t repeat another topic.
  2. Specify the name of the topic in the title, which concerns the question.
  3. If the question relates to the several Forums, it is enough to ask your question in one of them.
  4. Before you post a topic with a question, try to formulate it correctly. Before posting, please, use Forum search and filter to ensure there is no answer to your question. If this topic is already created by someone else, review it.
What is prohibited at this Forum

  1. Rough, obscenities and insults of any kind, rude messages in tone and content. The appeals to a breach of current legislation, racist saying, inciting ethnic and religious hatred, etc. are strictly prohibited in particular.
  2. Topics containing advertisement or commercial information, as well as links to websites with the aim to increase their attendance.
  3. Posting information of erotic and pornographic content, links and passwords to the websites mentioned above.
  4. Posting meaningless information; using the Forum as a chat.
  5. Discussion the actions of the Administration. If you want to say something, do it in personal messages.
  6. Creating messages in topics with content like "not to create a new topic I will ask here." Create a topic concerning your issues, do not load the Forum with not informative content.
  7. Warez, i.e. unlicensed software distribution (direct links to download warez, links to sites containing links to resources that distribute unlicensed products).
  8. Multiple registration of the same user under different nicknames (usernames).
  9. Inserting virus code or its part to the text of the message.
  10. Create Forum topics of political or religious nature.


Forum administration includes: administrators and moderators.

Forum administration reserves the right to move topics and individual irrelevant posts to the appropriate topic or the Forum; close or delete topics that violate the established rules and contrary to the Forum rules; block the offenders’ access to the Forum.


Messages posted despite the above warnings will be moderated, or removed entirely.