Converting logged data to an excel

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Beni posted this 17 April 2015

Hi. I´m writting you from Spain, so sorry for my bad English.

Have an Opel (vauxhall) signum 3.0 diesel (y30dt engine) with some troubles, and have a pair of questions for you .I´ve been driving my car while i was recording some different PID´s and i found that pressure on direct inject gives strange values at the time car that he rides badly, (I supose inyection pump is not working properly). Measurement unit shown on the app is ATM and it changes from min 0.19 to max 2.56. i would like to know if that unit is shown as an electric voltage, or another kind of unit. Because its a pressure value, an in a good condition pump should be working between 150-200 bar. Can these value be shown on Bars?

The other question is related to logged data. I´d like to create an excel graph, but can´t be able to create one. How could I create one in order to send it to the mechanic?

Continue upgrading, I think you do a great job.



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Beni posted this 17 April 2015

I´ve solved pressure measurement unit trouble changing it into metric format


Administrator posted this 17 April 2015

The data file have header and body.

The header have a descriptive information and separated with * star symbols, for example


meta-info header:travel file

file version:2

app version:4.01



name:ecogps:true;id=latitude,type=0;id=longitude,type=0;id=speed,type=0;id=time,type=0;id=altitude,type=0;id=accuracy,type=0cmdDesc:0#01=Economy fuel;UnitType=l/100km;Unit=0 cmdDesc:0#03=Economy fuel avg;UnitType=l/100km;Unit=0 cmdDesc:010D=Vehicle speed (Speed);UnitType=km/h;Unit=0


The following body data is simple 3 column csv-like data easily importable with excel, for example



1411057459449;gps;50.49079627:30.41533998:0.0:1411057465000:204.89999389648438:32.0 1411057459728;010D;10

1411057459734;0#01;15.029354207436404 1411057460198;010D;9

1411057460214;0#01;21.545056378715874 1411057460399;gps;50.49069617:30.41535958:0.0:1411057466000:204.6999969482422:23.0

1st column - timestamp (milliseconds since 1 jan 1970 )

2nd column- ID command (name could be checked in header)


3rd column - parameter value

so one could import data to excel. use filtering by appropriate parameter and draw the chart

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Rogério Olímpio posted this 14 April 2018

How may I export this file? In which option in the app?

Is it for the free app too or only for the Pro?

Thanks in advance.

Rogério Olímpio posted this 14 April 2018

I just found. Sorry and thank you!