Changed phone but now my InCarDoc Pro wont connect!

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chris_922 posted this 26 January 2016


Was hoping to get some support as I recently changed my Samsung S2 for a Samsung S3.

The application was backed up to my google account and then restored to the new phone.

Re entered my email in the original configuration hoping it would then be activated.

The version is 5.02.

Application now refuses to connect....just continuously hunts through the comms protocols.

Have installed the free version and it works fine so there is nothing wrong with the hardware.

Thansk in advance for your help.


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inCarDoc posted this 26 January 2016

Both Free and Pro use the same connection core, should not be any difference is using the same 5.02 First please try uninstall and install Pro again and check is the settings are identical. If the issue remains please send us the both connection logs from Pro and Free versions. Do the following steps separately for each version:

  • turn off then on Bluetooth support in phone
  • unplug and plug back adapter
  • turn on "debug logging" (Menu-Configuration-Logging-Debug Logging)
  • try to connect
  • then send us log from Logging page 
with your comments about the issue and car details



chris_922 posted this 27 January 2016

Thanks for your reply and assistance.

I uninstalled both versions and after re-installing the pro version it works fine..

Interestingly if I install the free version a long side the pro version then the free version now wont connect.

So it seems that only one version of the software should be installed at any one time for trouble free use.


inCarDoc posted this 27 January 2016

Installed could be both. Just note that "other" version (as well as any other application) does not keep the connection to the adapter. Adapter can work only with a single connection at a time. Use "Disconnect" button on the main screen to force close connection to adapter.

W Q posted this 02 February 2020

app auto shuts off my bluetooth. how do I change that setting?

inCarDoc posted this 04 February 2020

Please check state of Settings-Connection-Auto shut-off BT
and switch it Off