Bluetooth adapter mac code 00:1D:A5:68:98:8B

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dodgyd posted this 23 May 2017

i. use Bluetooth adapters with mac address. 00:1D:A5:68:98:8B

seems to give a lot of live data on 13 fiesta 1.6 tdci but i think some sensors are missing.

anyone tell me if good or bad

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inCarDoc posted this 24 May 2017

Usually quality of adapter does not affect on missing of some sensors, they are usually more "binary": show all available or nothing.

The most observed malfunctions of the "bad" adapters:

  • does nor connect at all, or connect not to all OBD-II compliant cars (support not all OBD-II protocols)

  • need reset adapter to reconnect (unplug/plug back)

  • might have issues connecting with car's that have more than 1 ECU (automatic transmission)

  • might have issues reading "long" (multi-frame) responses, like trouble codes reading (DTC) or VIN reading

  • and other troubles discussed at

    Attention! "Bad" Bluetooth adapters!

So, if you see some sensors, that is all data exposed according to OBD-II standard in your model/year.

Getting more data might require switch to custom Ford's protocol with solutions that declare work with internal Ford protocol, if this really required.

Коля7 posted this 07 August 2017

У меня Рено Дастер 2017 2.0л механика obd2 mac00:1D:A5:68:98:8B подойдёт? безопасен?

inCarDoc posted this 07 August 2017

Просто один из "хреновых" безымянных адаптеров см.


Однозначно сказать трудно, это вроде из относительно новых и по идее CAN должен поддерживать (в вашем рено скорее всего один из протоколов CAN-шины), если в машине несколько ЭБУ то может работать нестабильно