Adapter connecting / reconnecting, adapter connection error after App upgrade, mobile hang up

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Administrator posted this 19 September 2014

If you faced any problem while Adapter connecting / reconnecting, adapter connection after the App upgrade or any mobile hang up, 

Try the following:

  1. turn off the WiFi connection
  2. turn off / turn on Bluetooth connection
  3. unplug / plug in the adapter
  4. try to connect the App, if problems remains, do following:
  5. change settings of "BT mode" (Menu-Configuration-Connection-BT mode)
  6. After you changed BT mode it is important to follow steps 2-4 again.
If these steps do not help, please enable Debug logging option (Menu >> Configuration >> Logging), try to connect to the adapter and send the Log-file from the Logging page with your comments about the error details.


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Alex posted this 4 weeks ago

 Hi, where do I send debug log?

inCarDoc posted this 4 weeks ago

If you did all as described above you could use in-app options Settings-Logging-Send message that preset destination address automatically.