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The Main Issues to Choose Brake Pads

Administrator posted this 10 September 2019

Someday, all spare parts of the car wear out and require replacement, and it doesn’t matter how expansive and up-to-date your car is. Brake Pads aren’t an exception, what is more, they should be replaced before they were worn out completely, as this unit is really important. Somehow, your life depends on them.

So, what are the main issues you will face up with, during the choose of the new brake pads?

  1. When do you need to replace brake pads?
  2. Do brake pads have a huge influence over the performance car’s characteristics?
  3. What features you should pay attention to?
  4. You must use only OEM components, mustn’t you?

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The beating of the brake pedal — how dangerous is it?

Administrator posted this 23 May 2019

The beating of the brake pedal is a clear problem, indicating a malfunction of the brake system. This fault has a low level of danger, but ignoring it - can play a fatal role.

The beating of the brake pedal occurs as a consequence of the reverse action on the cylinders. That is, under normal conditions, the pads evenly compress the brake rotors or pressed against the brake drums or friction sheave.

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Bad Brake Pads Symptoms

Administrator posted this 13 July 2018

Brake pads are very important components of every car and play a great role in bringing a vehicle to a safe and controlled stop. In this way, every driver should pay attention to brake pads and change them timely. How do you know when it is time to change your brake pads? There are some main signs of bad brake pads below.

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